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2011 Seraphim Pigeon Breeding Project

July 12, 2010

{To learn all about my rare pigeon breed called Seraphim, go to This breed is one of the rarest in the world and is alarmingly beautiful. It is bred and raised as a show bird – you will never see one in the wild.}

So, the breeding program I set up last fall has been successful enough to allow me to work almost exclusively with pure Seraphim.

I paired Seahorse up with a Seraph daughter of Superjock and Gorgeous (whom I’ve named “Snow”), who is just now old enough to breed. The only show fault I can detect in Seahorse is a little too much downward curve of the beak, and Snow seems perfect to me except she has not quite enough downward beak curve. These two are beautifully matched and make a dashing couple. I caged them the weekend of February 5th in order to enhance their attachment to one another, and by the 18th they had their first egg, which proved to be a dud; by the end of March though they had a new set. The technique of closely caging the birds to create a pair bond works very well unless the birds are already bonded to other mates which remain in the same loft. In this case, a single day and night was all it took to bond the birds; they were inseparable when let out of the cage.
(Update: As of June 1st: two beautiful babies out of the nest, Snow on a new set of eggs.)

Seahorse in front; Snow behind. A beautiful pair.

Snow on her first set of eggs, April 4, 2011!

James is now paired with the Seraph daughter of Seahorse and Mama, whom I’ve named “Sassy.” James is a large bird, and Sassy is quite delicate. I’m hoping to see a little more delicacy in the offspring from the mother’s genetic contribution, though frankly I am hard-pressed to find any flaws at all in James. He is a stunning Seraph cock. Sassy has a single significant flaw, and that is an imperfect peak; hopefully this will not transmit to many young. She’s otherwise perfect. The unusual thing about this pairing is that these two birds are perhaps even closer than siblings genetically. James is the brother of No Band, and Sassy has the same mother as both James and No Band. I expect good things from these two.

James on the left, and Sassy, his new mate. They are truly as white as snow. A really beautiful pair.

Superjock and Gorgeous are a great pair, and I’m willing to keep them together even though just 50% of their young are Seraphim. Snow is their first Seraph daughter. They are the first so far to produce another Seraph this year, and it looks like it’s going to be a really nice one – see baby pictures below! He hatched the first part of March, and his name is Gianthead.

The first Seraph of 2011, just 3 weeks old but already with nice form! Note the reddish coloring that will vanish with the first molt. This little guy is the son of Gorgeous and Superjock; I say “guy” because he is a very aggressive little thing and I think his behavior indicates a male. Isn’t he cute?


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