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Coz Loft 2011 Show Results

December 13, 2011

James: Best in Show, AOV, High Standard (HS). Des Moines ISPA Fancy Pigeon Show, December 2011. James is the founding Seraph cock of one of my Seraphim lines.

[Note: I have moved all of my current Seraphim breeding/sales information to Coz Lofts at Please enjoy the Pigeon Loft articles here, but for current news and opportunities for Seraphim go to the new dedicated Seraphim site.]

My birds did very well at the 2011 ISPA Fancy Pigeon Show in Des Moines in 2011, all scoring from 92 to 95 on a scale of 100, with three birds scoring “High Standard” at 95 and three others @ 94. This experience with my twelve show birds exceeded my expectations. I’ve kept back eight of those birds for breeding stock, including James, Best in Show Seraph cock.  NoBand couldn’t compete since he had no band, but the judge scored him for me anyway and felt he was pushing a 96. He is the founder of another Seraphim line in my loft. SuperJock likewise will be staying put, along with his son, GiantHead, a spectacular young cock still too young to breed but already paired up with the best hen from 2011. This is my team for this year, and I am hoping for even more success. One of these days I would like to have the almost impossible to achieve Royal Standard in my loft!

In January all the birds will be set up for breeding. I can allow only a limited season due to space limitations, so if any of you fanciers out there want a pair of high quality birds this year, drop me a line and I’ll breed extra designer birds just for you out of a combination of these great blood lines. You can reach me at

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