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Videos of Seraphim Pigeons at Coz Loft

February 8, 2012

1.This video was made after bringing my remaining Seraphim home from the pigeon show in December, 2011. I had put up a new set of breeding boxes, and the birds were quite excited by this turn of events. Most of the young adults in this film still have a few colored feathers which will soon be replaced with pure white. Four of these birds were sold, leaving eight for breeding.

2.This video is a more close-up look at the same Seraphim as they happily show off in the loft. It’s a lot more fun to see them up close; their “faces” are very cute and neotinic (child-like) with their big eyes and short little beaks. They are such a blinding white that it’s hard for the camera to accommodate properly for color and light.

3.The following is a video of two baby Seraphim from two different sets of parents. Note the differences in markings. They both demonstrate the recessive red feathers seen as juveniles, and primarily in a pattern mostly on the wingshields and tails. This is typical of Seraphim young. They will molt to pure white as adults. At this age they do not demonstrate the more dramatic appearance seen in the adults—-they just look like clumsy little babies, because that’s what they are. They don’t know what they are doing!

4.Here is a Seraph cock doing a little courtship dance for a very pretty brown lacewing oriental frill hen. Males will show off to any hen, but this one simply was not interested and flew off and left him standing there.

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